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Lip Injections

If you choose to have lip enhancement with Restylane or Restylane SILK, your first syringe is $599, and each additional syringe is just $499. If you only need one syringe at the time of treatment, you’re welcome to purchase additional syringes at $499 and save them for future follow-up treatments. At Plastic Surgery at West Ave, we prefer Restylane for lip enhancement. Restylane is the only FDA-approved dermal filler for use in the lips for patients over 21 years of age. One of the unfortunate side effects of aging is the loss of volume in the face, and this includes the lips. Hiding thin lips with lipstick or makeup can only go so far, but lip enhancement treatment with Restylane can correct this.


Ultherapy® uses ultrasound technology to deliver energy to multiple layers of your skin. Ultrasound technology also allows us to see the targeted tissue, so we can direct the energy more accurately and effectively. The ultrasound energy bypasses the surface of the skin and reaches depths not possible with any other non-invasive treatment. Ultrasound energy penetrates to the deep foundation layer of the skin at the optimal temperature to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. This response can increase the production of collagen, resulting in the tissue lifting significantly over the next two or three months. Doctors have used the Ultherapy® procedure to treat over 500,000 patients worldwide. This non-invasive procedure can be used to delay the need for full facial surgery, as well as maintain results from previous procedures.


BOTOX® Cosmetic

This is a very popular injectable that is derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. When it is injected into the tissue around and between the eyes, BOTOX® Cosmetic weakens or paralyzes the muscle for a period of up to several months. As a result, the injection temporarily eliminates the muscle contractions that cause skin creasing. After a procedure which lasts just a few minutes, BOTOX® Cosmetic can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases around the eyes for a relaxed, more youthful look.


This is another injectable medication made of botulinum toxin, and is also used for the improvement of lines around and between the eyes. Similar in many ways to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport® is made of a slightly smaller protein, allowing it to work more quickly. Because it can also spread more easily, the end result is a softer appearance. Dysport® can combat those stubborn frown lines between the eyebrows to revitalize your appearance.

Restylane LYFT®

This is a hyaluronic acid filler that adds volume and fills in lines for smoother skin. There are a number of ways Perlane® can improve your appearance – from softening the wrinkles around your lips and chin to adding contour to your cheek area. Perlane® is often used to reduce smile lines and naso-labial folds around the mouth for a more youthful appearance.


This is a non-allergenic filler that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and nose by replenishing collagen levels in the skin. Collagen levels naturally plummet as we age, resulting in the appearance of creases and lines. Radiesse® offers immediate correction of these concerns, and also stimulates collagen production for more supple skin. Radiesse® can target some of the most common and bothersome signs of aging, such as crows’ feet, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds. Patients can see the effects of Radiesse® almost immediately, following one simple treatment session.


This is another hyaluronic acid filler that improves the volume and firmness of your skin. Biodegradable and biocompatible, Restylane® has been safely used in the U.S. for almost twenty years, and even longer throughout Europe. The medication works by attracting and binding moisture to effectively plump skin tissue. Restylane® fills the space between the elastin fibers and collagen that naturally depletes with age to make your skin more supple.

Sculptra® Aesthetic

If you are concerned with deep facial wrinkles and folds around your mouth, Sculptra® Aesthetic may be the solution. This filler is administered in a series of three treatments over several months, and is ideal for patients who want subtle enhancements over time. Sculptra® Aesthetic works by gradually enhancing collagen production to add volume to the skin, transforming the area around your mouth and chin for a more refined look.


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